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I hereby apply for membership in Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals. As a condition of continued membership, I certify
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  • Comply with all rules and procedures of CDRP as the organization evolves
  • Attend a minimum of two CDRP general educational meetings per year, as well as an additional Collaborative event;
  • Maintain my membership in the IACP as long as I am a member of CDRP;
  • Pay annual CDRP membership dues;
  • Within one (1) year of joining I will complete at least thirty (30) hours mediation training in client-centered, facilitative conflict resolution, of the kind typically taught in an interest-based, narrative, or transformative mediation training program;
  • Complete at least eight hours every two years of further training in Collaborative Practice or areas that support the principles of Collaborative Practice such as communication skills, advanced collaborative training beyond the minimum 16 hours of basic training, advanced mediation training, advanced professional coach training, etc. I understand that four of the eight hours can be completed by doing pro bono collaborative cases through the Collaborative Project of Maryland.
You may also download and print the 2016-2017 CDRP Membership Application. Send your completed form and check by mail to the following address:

C/O Margie Hoffberg
Residential Mortgage Center Inc.
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