Who Are We?

CDRP was founded to promote the collaborative process and provide collaborative practitioners opportunities to sharpen their skills and get to know one another.

We follow Stu Webb's definition of collaborative practice - so long as there is a disqualification provision it is collaborative. As an organization we have come to encourage a more multidisciplinary approach, but we don't insist on anyone orthodoxy. There is room for two coach, one coach, lawyer-lawyer, referral, full team, and full team plus in CORP. It is up to the professionals involved in the case to discuss with the clients the pros and cons of the approaches and let the client decide. It is also our job to advise the clients what we think is best. We have the experience; the clients do not. Each of us can also decide that we are going to not take a case unless it is done in a certain way. That is an individual decision, not a practice group decision.

Once we are in a case, we, as professionals, will decide what needs to be done and how to do it, with due deference and consideration to the desires and needs of our clients. We are working on protocols to help practitioners to have a common road map to follow in conducting their cases. Like any road map, it shows a way to get from here to there, but you have the choice, you can take the back roads or the interstate and you decide where to stop for lunch.

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