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Risa Garon

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National Family Resiliency Center

451 Hungerford Drive, #225, Rockville, Maryland 20850






As co-founder of the National Family Resiliency Center and as a therapist, I have devoted my career to helping families cope with transitions, such as separation and divorce. In doing such work, I implement a collaborative approach that truly focuses on the needs of each family member.

Experiencing separation and divorce can be very stressful at times. My main goal in working with families is to assist them in the most healthy and least stressful way as possible. As a divorce coach, I work with clients to help them cope with the roller coaster of emotions they may experience by helping them focus on goals they want to achieve at collaborative law meetings and providing support for them during this time. In addition, I am a child specialist. As a result of my extensive experience in working with children and adolescents, I have developed a Child and Family Focused Decision Making Model which assists parents in making decisions about their children, provides parents with constructive ways to build co-parent communication, addresses the developmental needs of the children involved, and assists parents in developing a parent plan.

I have always believed in a customized, rather than rigid, approach to coping with change because I consider each family as unique and special. My ultimate goal is to join with each family to try to help them build a roadmap for the future so that each member of the family has a sense of hope and can cope with the numerous consequences of family change.