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  • Child Support & Modification of Child Support

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    When parents separate one of the most important decisions they will have is how they will support their children. With the help of collaborative attorneys, coaches and financial neutrals, they can come to a mutually agreeable decision. If circumstances change, these same collaborative professionals can help them modify the support.

    Child Support

    Each parent will have a collaborative attorney to help them through the process of determining how they will support their children. They will have the opportunity to consult with a financial planner or CPA who will gather their financial information, look at their needs and those of the children and other financial considerations. These professionals will put this information into a logical and cohesive form that the parents will be able to use in deciding in an educated way how they want to support their children.

    Modification of Child Support

    As children grow and circumstances change the child support arrangement worked out by the parents or imposed by the court at the time of the separation may need to be modified. The same techniques used by collaborative professionals when assisting parents to determine child support immediately after separation are used to help the parents decide on a modification to the child support.