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    Erik M. Feig founded Feig Mediation Group, a parent and family-focused mediation practice in Bethesda, MD to help parents, families and businesses create a path to more positive outcomes when important issues and decisions are on the line and communication can be most difficult. He is a mediator, accomplished attorney, and parent of three amazing children.

    As a mediator, he is committed to helping his clients align with each other when important issues and decisions need to be addressed and the old, familiar ways of doing things are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of today – or tomorrow. It’s an approach that recognizes – and seeks to mitigate against – the stress and harm that can result from poor or ineffective communication and unresolved conflict.

    As a parent in a neurodiverse family, Mr. Feig has a particular commitment to working with parents where neurodiversity and special needs are factors in their families. He brings a practical, real-world approach to helping parents engage each other more constructively when decisions impacting their neurodivergent children are required.

    As an attorney with over twenty-five years’ experience, Mr. Feig has a reputation as a hands-on, trusted counselor and business partner who not only “gets” his clients, but who is also skilled at helping them prevent and respond to issues in ways that create opportunities. He has worked in private practice and as corporate General Counsel for an industry-leading organization, and holds certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

    His experience and training extends to both family and business mediation, including separation and divorce (including co-parenting and child access issues and economic issues such as division of property and assets, and support), mediating high conflict family disputes, elder and adult family mediation, parenting coordination, and collaborative law practice. Indeed, he is a firm believer that a neutral mediator can be a valued resource to support the goals and success of the collaborative law process.

    Combining all of this with a background in engineering that is rooted in designing and developing practical solutions to complex problems, Mr. Feig draws from an extensive toolset that sets him apart from so many practitioners with “traditional” notions of what mediation can achieve. He helps his clients expand their perspectives to see the bigger picture so that they can better explore what’s possible, collaboratively and with less stress, thus facilitating more positive outcomes.

    Mr. Feig received his law degree from Fordham University School of Law and his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He is a member of the bars of Maryland, Washington DC, and New York.