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  • Margie Hofberg

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    Firm Name: Residential Mortgage Center

    Address: 51 Monroe Street, Suite 1901, Rockville, MD 20850

    Phone: 240-428-1650 x101
    Fax: 866-296-6178
    E-mail: [email protected]


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    Margie Hofberg, President of the Residential Mortgage Center, combines superb client relations with comprehensive expertise in the mortgage industry. The founding President of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Professionals, Margie has been a mortgage industry leader for 30 years. With her background in Education, she applies her teaching skills every day, guiding her clients through the best mortgage options for any given financial situation and life-stage. Her approach is professional, knowledge-based and empathic. Clients at all levels of income and credit feel comfortable with Margie’s practical advice and caring demeanor during a stressful period. As a result, she develops long-term relationships with her clients and they rely on her as a friend and trusted advisor. In 2005, Margie trained in Collaborative Practice and has become an expert to whom many attorneys, financials, and mental health professionals turn when their divorcing clients need a mortgage.