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    My approach to the practice of law comes from a strong belief in the importance of approaching legal disputes with an eye toward problem solving.  When I began representing families of separation and divorce, I was struck by the destructive nature of litigation on families in conflict. Separation and divorce can place an enormous emotional and financial strain on a family and communications between couples can become destructive and hurtful, or break down altogether.  Litigation can escalate the conflict between separating couples at a time when their ability to cope with the emotional and financial stresses arising from the break up may already compromised.

    A Collaborative divorce is a process that allows clients to manage conflict and emotion, preserve relationships and marital assets, and to arrive at solutions that could never be obtained through litigation. Collaborative law is a non-adversarial, forward-looking process in which each party is represented by their own collaboratively trained attorney. The couples meet with each other and their attorneys in four-way meetings to identify their respective goals, to identify the issues that need to be resolved in the context of a separation and divorce, and reach mutually beneficial solutions. The collaborative process makes use of neutral professionals to resolve issues associated with parenting, finances and the identification and valuation of marital assets.

    The collaborative process emphasizes the needs of the children; maintains decision making control between the parties; fosters and encourages open and positive communication between the parties in recognition of the fact that, for better or worse, the relationships remain even after the divorce; emphasizes interest-based negotiating where the interests of both parties are identified and met, as opposed to positional negotiating where a party may take a position without regard to whether the needs of the other parent, or children, may also be met.

    I have been working to promote the use of the collaborative process since attending my first advanced collaborative training in 2006 and I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you if you are dealing with separation or divorce. Learn more about the services I can provide by calling me at 301-279-0977 or by visiting my website at