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    Sue Soler, LCSW-C is a seasoned mental health professional with over seventeen years experience working with children and families.  She believes that Collaborative divorce provides couples and families with a non-adversarial structure to settle their issues related to separation and divorce.  She is dedicated to using her skills to provide sensitive and thoughtful help to those who are going through the difficult process of separation and divorce.Sue believes that Collaborative divorce allows families to achieve a positive resolution that minimizes the negative financial, social and emotional consequences. She feels that the Collaborative process is unique in that it affords the family an opportunity to resolve disputes respectfully without going to Court, communicate in an open manner and create shared solutions that meet the needs of their individual family. In the Collaborative process, Sue can serve as either a divorce coach or a child specialist. As a divorce coach, Sue assists parents in creating goals to address their own needs as well as those of their children and their family. In addition, she works with parents to strengthen communication skills, reduce stress and manage the emotions that go along with a divorce. As a child specialist, Sue will serve as an advocate for the child, assessing the child’s needs and then communicating those needs to both parents to assist them in developing a parenting plan that is best for the family.

    Sue has completed numerous trainings in Collaborative Practice and is an active member in the Collaborative community.  She is a member of three area practice groups: CDA (Collaborative Divorce Association), CDRP (Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals) and DCACP (DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals).  She has served on the board of all three practice groups and is the former co-President of CDA.  She is also a member of MCPC, the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council.  She is the Chair of the Process Subcommittee of the D.C. Metro Protocols, and the Co-Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council.  In addition, Sue has given numerous presentations on Collaborative divorce, including to Georgetown University and George Washington University Law School.  Sue has been quoted in the New York Times regarding her perspective on parent communication and the impact on children.

    Sue’s background includes team training in collaborative divorce, mediation training, and experience conducting custody evaluations.  She has served as a parenting coordinator through appointments by the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland.  She has also testified on behalf of children and families in both District and Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Sue graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology from Clark University.  Sue received her Master’s degree in social work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore.