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  • William Camacho

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    Firm Name: First Home Mortgage

    Address: 8638 Veterans Highway, Suite 300, Millersville, MD 21108

    Phone: 609-364-2280
    Email: [email protected]


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    Will had a great career in digital marketing. It was time for him and his long-term girlfriend to finally purchase their first house together to call home for them and their three dogs. They found the perfect home and started the financial process. They didn’t have the best experience with their lender and that really motivated Will to want to help people as a loan officer. Buying your first home or even your second home should be exciting. He moved into this industry to help families have a great experience when purchasing a home. He promises he will be available for you at every step of the way. Will wants to become a friend of the family (kind of like that cool uncle that technically isn’t related, but still is invited to Thanksgiving).

    Will became a Certified Divorce Lending Professional with the Collaborative Practice Certification as he understands a divorce can require a special need of patience and understanding among all parties to resolve.

    He looks forward to helping you and your family.