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  • What Is Collaborative Law?

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    Collaborative Law is an out-of-court alternative for dispute resolution that removes the threat of contentious and costly litigation. Each person has an individual Collaborative lawyer, and working together, the issues are resolved through brainstorming and problem solving rather than by win or lose.

    Divorce Coaches, Financial Professionals and other allied professionals are available to assist with family dynamics, parenting plans, and financial decision-making.  The Collaborative Law process emphasizes:

    • The needs of your children.
    • The needs and interests of the participants.
    • Finding mutually acceptable outcomes.
    • Building constructive post-divorce relationships.
    • Finding solutions that are durable and future focused.  

    Divorce conjures up images of aggressive lawyers, mounting legal bills, and the fear of uncertainty where the final decisions are put into the hands of a stranger. The Collaborative Law process allows you retain control of the outcome and are able to make the important decisions about your future and your children’s future. 

    During the Collaborative Law process, you may agree to use allied experts such as Divorce Coaches, a Child Specialist or a Financial Professional on an as-needed basis. Other experts such as real estate professionals and mortgage advisors are also available to provide the resources you need to move forward with your lives.

    The Collaborative Law process is helpful in high conflict situations as well as in situations of power imbalance between the participants. Experts provide the support you need to communicate more effectively and work through difficult emotions more productively. Whether the issues are complex or simple, Collaborative professionals have the expertise to assist your family.